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F*cking our way to Enlightenment

When Kandace and Gregory (aka Maggie and Josh) said “I do” they had no idea the sexcapades that were in store for them. They had no idea how many Swingers they would “do,” how many friends they would make, and how many international locations they would sexplore together.

For the first twenty years of their marriage, Maggie and Josh loosely followed the guidelines from their traditional Christian upbringing. They created a strong monogamous bond complete with house, children, and a dog. But it wasn’t enough…they wanted more.

For the next twenty plus years, they ventured into the unknown territory of consensual nonmonogamy in the Swinger Lifestyle. In this steamy, true story you will follow their global adventures from the sexual ground and pound years to their current approach of mind and body connection. You will read how Maggie uncovered her teenage sexual trauma and overcame its grip through female empowerment. And you will see how their path has established a new intimacy in their relationship with themselves and others as they discover divine sexuality.


What's inside:

• Erotic and titillating stories

• Lived experience dealing with sexual trauma

• Comprehensive and authoritative knowledge 

• Insider information on the Swinger Lifestyle

• Karezza,Tantric, and Taoist practices and techniques

• Tips and guidelines for Newbies in the Lifestyle

• Sexuality workbook - discover your desires and kinks (not included in ebook or audio formats)

Relationship coaching & Non-monogamy mentorship

 When we first opened our marriage we were fortunate to meet a couple that took us under their wing and guided us toward the finest practices to make this relationship model work best for us.

Let us help you learn and use these tools to make your monogamous or open-relationship successful.

kandace and gregory headshot

How do we know?

We have been married for over 40 years and have been in an open marriage for the past 23. This experience has provided us with real-world knowledge of how to navigate relationships.

We are the authors of "F*cking our way to Enlightenment" which is our story about the  Swinger/Lifestyle world and our journey to find divine sexuality.

Kandace and Gregory talking and listening to each other

How does it work

It comes down to our communication skills, which include vulnerability and honesty.

We offer bespoke sessions for couples or singles of any gender identity. Remote and in-person sessions are available.

two women kissing passionately

What do we teach?

During your one-on-one sessions, we offer a judgement-free discussion and answer all your concerns when it comes to having an honest and open relationship with your partner. We work as a couple to provide you with a balanced approach to the male/female dynamic. We also teach and promote Karezza, Tantra and Taoist methods of sexuality.

meet the authors

aka: Maggie and Josh

Maggie and Josh are your typical couple next door. Actually, that's not true at all.  They are lifelong artists, free spirits and seekers of pleasure. Equally at home in the Burning Man culture as they are at a biker rally or elegant function, they are social chameleons. They met in Sunday school and have been happily married for over 40 years. They are P-flag parents and managed to raise two successful and well-adjusted sons. Since the year 2000 they have enjoyed an open relationship in the Swinger Lifestyle community. Their innate desire for variety and pleasure has taken them around the world to feed their hunger and now they want to share their experiences and discoveries with you. F*cking our way to Enlightenment is their debut book.

Maggie & Josh

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