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Introducing Evolutionary Sex

Updated: May 14, 2023

This is exciting... the first blog post.

We are Kandace and Gregory (aka Maggie and Josh) and are excited to present the story of our lifestyle journey in our new book, F*cking our Way to Enlightenment. As I write this we are just completing the final book edits and expect we will be sending it to the publishers shortly. In February of this past year, we were asked by a new acquaintance to present a seminar about 'Swinging'. The reception to our presentation was really well received and it was suggested by a number of the attendees that we should write a book. So we did.

The story started out as a compilation of erotic stories and insights into the Lifestyle (as we call it). Gathering the memories of our adventures we become aware of how particular moments in our lives have defined us and altered our paths. The first twenty years of our swinger lifestyle were jam-packed with play parties and travel. Then we were introduced to Plant Medicines and that changed everything. We took a step back and reflected on our lifestyle choices. We enjoyed many hours of sitting in our hot tub discussing what we would do next. It took us a while to find what resonated with us. The medicines had opened up interest and appreciation of somewhat esoteric spiritual beliefs and practices. Our sexual

energy exploration during the Covid pandemic brought a new awareness to our lovemaking. We discovered that we all have the ability to harness our sexual energies. This new knowledge was something we felt was worth sharing and we began to invite others back into our sexual orbit.

As the book progressed our editor (an amazing and gifted woman) was a pain in the ass and kept pushing us to go deeper, She wanted to know 'why' we did the things we did. Sometimes it was hard to put words to it but eventually, we did and those queries changed the direction of the book. Now, instead of just writing a book of erotic stories and insights into the Lifestyle we discovered the traumas that defined the behaviours we exhibited. When those wounds were revealed through our writing process we knew that female empowerment was a dominating theme. It also brought a deeper awareness of our relationship and how it worked.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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